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To learn more about how a visit to our museum aligns with TEKS, see below:

  • Grade 2 TEKS Explanation [PDF]
  • Grade 4 TEKS Explanation [PDF]
  • Grade 7 TEKS Explanation [PDF]

Dear Teachers:

We hope to assist you in your preparation for your upcoming visit to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Please share with your students what they can expect to see and what will be expected of them -- to have fun while learning. We have also included ideas for pre-visit and post-visit activities which will enhance your visit. When you arrive at the Museum you can expect to see historic buildings, artifacts that belonged to Sam Houston as well as other time period appropriate pieces, and life as it would have been in the 19th century. We hope that while you visit, you'll be able to enjoy the following:

  • The Memorial Museum: This building contains Sam Houston's artifacts and provides exhibits on events surrounding the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston's family, Texas' Annexation, the Mexican War and Civil War.
  • Woodland Home: lived in from 1848-1859; built by the Houston family. Sam Houston's law office and a replica kitchen are also here.
  • Steamboat House: lived in from 1862-1863; built by Dr. Rufus Bailey. Sam died here. The house was moved to this location in 1936.
  • Education Center: This building includes a quilt exhibit, an exhibit gallery with rotating exhibits, and a 15 minute introductory film about Sam Houston.

It is our hope that your visit to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum will become an instrumental part of your social studies curriculum. The museum lends itself to correlate with TEKS and many other units of study--in a hands-on, interactive, and fun approach to history.


Please download our Pre-Visit Activities PDF and help yourself to any of the following:

  • A bibliography about Sam Houston [PDF]
  • Pre-visit questions for your classroom [PDF]
  • Vocabulary for your visit to our museum [PDF]
  • Sam Houston's Story and Word Maze [PDF]
  • Fill in the blank worksheet [PDF]
  • A short narrative of Sam Houston [PDF]
  • A timeline of Sam Houston's life [PDF]
  • Chronological order worksheet [PDF]
  • Match the dates worksheet [PDF]
  • Match the names worksheet [PDF]
  • Short answer worksheet [PDF]
  • Unscramble Activity [PDF]
  • Symbols and Flags of Texas [PDF]
  • Pioneer Arts and Crafts [PDF]

Primary Sources:

Other Important Information

ARRIVAL: Your tour will begin at the Katy and E. Don Walker, Sr. Education Center. Please have your group assemble in front of the building. A member of your group can notify the personnel in the gift shop that you have arrived. We recommend your group arrive 10-15 minutes early.

LATE ARRIVALS : We recommend that your group arrive earlier than scheduled or on time. Please be aware that if your group is late, your tour could be shortened and your group may not have enough time to participate in all that you requested. If you know you are going to be late, please call the education department at (936) 294-3153 and let us know.

PARKING: Please let your bus driver know they may park their vehicles directly behind the Education Center in the lower parking lot.

ADMISSION: Please consult your reservation letter for your program fees. Check can be made payable to Sam Houston Memorial Museum and paid upon arrival at the gift shop in the Education Center.

RESTROOMS AND WATER FOUNTAINS: Restrooms and water fountains are located in the main museum building, the Wigwam Neosho Museum Store, and the Education Center.

PICNIC AREAS: At the Education Center there is a gazebo with lots of green grass to picnic and also a covered patio with picnic tables. You may also choose to picnic on the museum grounds or near Lake Oolooteka. When visiting the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, please keep the grounds and facilities clean. Please remind all the students that all plant life, wildlife, historic structures, and artifacts are state property and protected by law.

MUSEUM STORE: The Wigwam Neosho Museum Store is available for a wide variety of educational materials and other items related to Sam Houston. We encourage only one class visit the gift shop at a time. Many inexpensive gifts are available. Proceeds will benefit educational programs. Learn more here:

INCLEMENT WEATHER : Most programs WILL continue regardless of the weather. However, if your group chooses to continue with the scheduled event, substitutions for programs may be made at the discretion of the education department. If your are hesitant about coming to the museum on your scheduled day due to inclement weather, please feel free to call the education department at (936) 294-3153 and reschedule your event for another day.


We are often out giving tours; Please leave a message at (936) 294-3153.