Chronology of Margaret Houston's Life

1819 April 11 - Margaret Lea, sixth child and second daughter of Temple and Nancy Lea, is born.
1834 Temple Lea, Margaret's father and planter, dies.
1836 May 22 - General Sam Houston arrives in New Orleans to be operated on for the leg wound he received at the Battle of San Jacinto. Houston family tradition says that Margaret Lea, then a seventeen-year-old school girl, was on the dock when the wounded hero spoke to the people who had come to welcome him.
1838 Margaret Lea is baptized by the Reverend Pete Crawford of Siloam Baptist Church.
Margaret enrolls at The Judson Female Institute.
1839 May - Sam Houston is on a business trip to Mobile, Alabama, where he meets Margaret Lea at a garden party.
June - Sam Houston proposes marriage and Margaret says yes, despite her mother's vehement opposition.
November - Sam Houston goes to meet Margaret at Galveston and is informed by Nancy Lea that, "My daughter is in Alabama. She goes forth in the world to marry no man."
1840 May 9 - Sam Houston and Margaret Lea are married at the Marion, Alabama, home of Margaret's brother, Henry.
June - The Houstons travel to Galveston where Margaret is reunited with her mother, who has resided there for eight months.
June-August - Sam Houston travels in Texas, making political speeches, while Margaret stays in Galveston. While there, she begins to prepare the Houstons' home on Cedar Point for habitation. She renames the two-room log home "Ben Lomond", a name out of a Sir Walter Scott romance.
August - The Houstons begin a trip to San Augustine, Texas, where Sam Houston had a law office. Margaret becomes ill and is forced to convalesce at the home of her sister, Antoinette, and her brother-in-law, William Bledsoe. Houston continues on to San Augustine.
Mid-November - The Houstons set up housekeeping in Houston city.
December - Sam Houston leaves for the Texas Congress, while Margaret returns to her mother's home in Galveston.
1841 January - Margaret's brother Vernal and his wife Mary come to Texas after the death of their infant son.
May-August - The Houstons live at Cedar Point; Sam writing newspaper articles supporting his election for President, while Margaret writes poetry and enjoys their time together.
September - Margaret sees the Red-Land District of Texas for the first time as she makes a six day campaign trip through East Texas.
September - While in Nacogdoches, the Houstons receive word that Sam has been elected for the second time as President.
December 1 - Sam Houston leaves for Austin for his Presidential inauguration while Margaret stays in the city of Houston.
1842 May - With the invitation of Texas by a Mexican army, Houston sends Margaret to Marion, Alabama, to live with her brother Henry.
October 2 - The Houstons arrive in the compromise capital, Washington-on-the-Brazos. Since they cannot pay the rent for the President's house in advance, they board with Mr. and Mrs. John Lockhart.
April - Martin Lea, Margaret Lea's older brother, dies under mysterious circumstances.
1843 May 25 - Sam Houston Jr. is born in Washington-on-the-Brazos.
1844 December 14 - Sam Houston ends his second term as President of Texas and makes plans to move his family to Raven Hill plantation, fifteen miles east of Huntsville.
1845 May 18 - Margaret Houston, along with her mother Nancy Lea and her sister Antoinette, helps found The Concord Baptist Church.
May - The Houstons begin a trip to The Hermitage to visit a dying Andrew Jackson.
June 8 - The Houstons arrive at The Hermitage one hour after the death of Andrew Jackson.
September 1 - The Houston family arrives in Marion, Alabama, where they introduce Sam Jr. to his Alabama kin.
November 1 - Mary Lea, Vernal Lea's wife, dies and is buried next to William Bledsoe, who had died of consumption during the summer.
1846 January - After four months of separation, the family is reunited at Grand Cane.
February - Sam Houston is elected to the U.S. Senate.
March 8 - Sam Houston leaves Texas for Washington D.C. Margaret, again pregnant, is unable to travel with him and remains at Raven Hill.
May - Margaret's sister, Antoinette, elopes with Captain Charles Power, a wealthy Englishman.
May - Margaret's poetry is published in the Mother's Journal of Philadelphia.
September 6 - Nancy Elizabeth Houston is born at Raven Hill.
December - Margaret, bothered by breast pains, moves to the Grand Cane to be with her family while Houston is in Washington.
1847 February - Margaret has a breast tumor removed by doctor Ashbel Smith. She refuses to drink whiskey to ease the pain, using only a silver coin between her teeth as a painkiller.
June - Virginia Thorne, an orphan, becomes the ward of the Houstons. Virginia had previously been the ward of Margaret's brother Vernal and his wife Mary.
June - Sam Houston trades the property named Raven Hill and a parcel of land for Captain Hatch's house, two miles out of Huntsville. Margaret has been insistent on being closer to town.
December - Sam Houston, having been reelected to the U.S. Senate, leaves Margaret in Huntsville to return to Washington D.C. Margaret has become pregnant with her third child.
1848 April 13 - Margaret Lea Houston is born at The Woodland Home two days after Margaret's 29th birthday.
June - Margaret leaves Huntsville for six weeks, visiting Cedar Point and her brother Vernal at Grand Cane.
July - Margaret hires Thomas Gott as an overseer for The Woodland Farm.
December - After months of problems with Virginia Thorne, Margaret beats her with a cowhide.
1850 January 27 - Virginia Thorne runs off with Thomas Gott.
April 9 - Mary William Houston is born in Huntsville.
June - Thomas Gott and Virginia Thorne return to Huntsville and file charges of assault and battery against Margaret.
September 30 - A hearing is held and a dead-locked grand jury recommends that the case be turned over to the Baptist Church. Margaret is fully acquitted by the Church.
1852 January - Nancy Lea surprises her family by beginning construction of a new home in Independence, Texas.
January 20 - Antoinette Power Houston is born in Huntsville.
Late winter - Henry Lea and Vernal Lea both die.
1853 October 25 - The Houstons move to a home in Independence, Texas, where the children will be able to attend Baylor University.
1854 June 21 - Andrew Jackson Houston is born in Independence, Texas.
November 19 - Sam Houston is baptized into the Baptist Church in Rock Creek, just outside of Independence, Texas.
1856 Summer - The Houston family moves to Cedar Point for health reasons.
Fall - Houston moves his family back to Huntsville.
1857 Summer - Sam Houston campaigns throughout Texas for the office of Governor, but loses to Hardin Runnels.
1858 May 25 - William Rogers Houston is born in Huntsville.
November - The Houstons move back to Independence after selling the Huntsville home and farm to pay campaign debts.
1859 December - The Houston family moves to Austin so that Sam can assume the office of Governor. Margaret is appalled at the size of The Governor's Mansion.
1860 August 12 - Temple Lea Houston is born at The Governor's Mansion in Austin. He is the fourth son and last child born to Margaret and Sam.
1861 March 15 - Sam Houston refuses to sign the Oath of Loyalty to the Confederacy and is removed from office.
Last of March - The Houston family move out of Austin and back to Independence.
Summer - Sam, Margaret, Sam Jr. and Temple go to Cedar Point where they can live off the land.
August - Sam Houston Jr. enlists in The Bay Land Guards and goes to Galveston Island for training.
1862 March 12 - Sam Houston Jr's company leaves Texas for Missouri
April 6-7 - Sam Houston Jr. is wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Shiloh.
Last of August - Margaret and Sam finally hear that Sam Jr. is still alive after six months of uncertainty.
September - Sam Houston Jr. returns to Cedar Point.
October - The Houston family returns to Independence where the older children, including Sam Jr., are enrolled in Baylor.
December - Margaret, Sam and the younger children move to Huntsville, where they rent The Steamboat House.
1863 July 26 - Sam Houston dies at The Steamboat House.
November - Margaret leaves Huntsville for the last time and returns to Cedar Point.
December - Margaret moves to Houston where her daughter Maggie can rest and see a doctor. While there, she receives a letter from Sam Jr. informing her that he has returned to the military.
December - Margaret moves back to Independence where she moves in with her mother.
1864 January - Margaret trades some land for The Root House, near her mother's home.
February 7 - Nancy Lea dies at her Independence home.
Spring - Nancy Houston announces her engagement to Joseph Morrow and Sam Jr. returns from the war.
Summer - Margaret has Dr. William Cran write a biography of General Sam Houston. It is refused by a Philadelphia publisher, greatly upsetting Margaret.
August 1 - Nancy "Nannie" E. Houston is married to Joseph Morrow.
October 17 - Margaret "Maggie" Lea Houston is married to Captain Weston Williams.
1867 Margaret becomes a grandmother when Nannie Houston Morrow has her first child, a daughter named Margaret.
Summer - Sam Jr. leaves Independence to study medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
December 3 - Margaret Lea Houston dies of yellow fever in Independence and is buried the same day.