4th Annual Amateur Photography Contest

Congratulations to all participants in the 2013 Photography Contest! Below is a list of winners. If you were a winner and were unable to attend the Artist's Reception to collect your award, please contact the Exhibits Office (936) 294-3292 or email cmr022@shsu.edu to make arrangements to collect your award.

Best in Show:
Denise Camp, Kya (Faces)

Beth Gray, Tickets Please (Travel)

1) Denise Camp: Kya
2) Cari McGown: Whatcha Sayin?
3) Sarah Lane: Jane

Black & White:
1) Ashley Dobos: American Poverty
2) Scott McCarley: School Dance
3) Cari McGown: I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me

1) Anne King: Charlotte
2) Mike Whatley: New Day
3) Sam Beard: Spring Flowers

1) Steven Mateo: V8 Soft
2) Sam Beard: In Eliza's Kitchen
3) Ramses Leon: Cuban Butterfly

1) Erin Rogers: Nature's Grace
2) Keenan Jones: Untitled
3) Sam Beard: Going for the Steer

Flora & Fauna:
1) Anne King: Green
2) Cari McGown: Good Morning Lady -tie-
Sarah Lane: Lone
3) Elisabeth Williams: Frog's New Home -tie-
David Knuth: Low Tide

1) Beth Gray: Tickets Please
2) Lori Sanders: Stone Soldiers
3) Scott McCarley: Train to Bandra

1) Denise Camp: Yellow Peppers
2) Lori Sanders: Sweet Tea
3) Jacqueline Davis: For the Love of Caffeine