Congratulations to all of our Photo Contest winners! Below you will find a list of winners per category.

In addition to the category winners chosen by our judge, I awarded additional Curator's Choice $5 AWARDS.  If you see your name more than once in the Curator's Choice list, that means that you had more than one photo chosen as a Curator's Choice.

If you were not present at our Artist's Awards reception, please stop by the Administrative offices of the Museum (lower level of the Rotunda across from the duckpond) to pick up your awards.  If you are outside of Huntsville, please email me directly to and we will make proper arrangements to get your award(s) to you.

Thank you to all of the talented photographers that participated this year! Your photos will continue to hang in the gallery for the remainder of 2019 and will come down in the first full week of January 2020. Feel free to pick them up from our Museum Store after January 15. Thank you!

Casey Roon

10th Annual Photo Contest Winners 2019

1. Sarah Wolsky
2. Jerome Hunter
3. Kyra Aftosomes

1. Lynette Dobbins
2. Lynette Dobbins
3. Seth McAdow

1. Gary Readore
2. Beth Gray
3. Wanda Smith

1. Victoria Pieczynski
2. Sam Beard
3. Gary Readore

1. John Rogers
2. Kyra Aftosomes
3. Roberto Mendoza

Best in Show: 
Nature: Victoria Pieczynski

Architecture:  John Rogers

Curator's Choice Awards:

Casey Mathis
John Seitz
Tonya Seitz
Darlene Lee
Sami Soukup
Kyra Aftosmes
Wanda Smith
Tonya Seitz
Sami Soukup
Veronica Lorine
Lynette Dobbins
Katherine Hubbard
Jessie Smith
Rhonda Jensen
Morgen Clements
Lynette Dobbins
Sami Soukup
Barbara Litzmann
Sam Beard
Jody Volper
Sami Soukup
Morgen Clements
Bianca Catungal
Veronica Lovine
Sam Beard