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Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00am – 4:30pm

**Closed: June 19, 2024 (SHSU Holiday for Staff)

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Includes same-day admission to the Memorial Museum, Walker Education Center and all historic houses and outdoor sites. There is no extra charge for entrance to special exhibitions.

Adults: $5.00

Seniors (65 and older): $4.00

SHSU Faculty/Staff: $4.00

Children (6-18): $3.00

Children (5 and under): Free

SHSU Students with ID: Free

Veterans: Free

**Guided group tours are available by reservation only. Visit the Education page to learn more about booking a guided tour.**

Guided Tours

Guided Tours:

Sam Houston Memorial Museum and Republic of Texas Presidential Library LogoAt the Sam Houston Museum, students and patrons alike can experience rich Texas history and explore the legacies of General Sam Houston. We offer programs for public, private, and homeschool groups, as well as organizations of all kinds. Please contact us for special program options including virtual tours.

The Education Department offers in person tours on the lovely grounds of the Sam Houston Museum. Over the past year, we have experimented with giving tours in a different way than we have for the last several years and are moving away from doing our “traditional” rotation-based tours.

You’ll still get to interact with our knowledgeable interpreters dressed in 19th century clothing. You’ll still get to watch and participate in entertaining and educational demonstrations and hands on activities. The main difference is that we won’t be working on a rotation basis where each group goes to a station and 15 minutes later moves to the next one and so on. Rather, we will have our staff out on the grounds spread out between our historic homes and demonstration areas and each group will travel from spot to spot on your own timeline, taking in what interests each group the most. We have discovered that this style of tour works quite well and allows for the greatest amount of flexibility and interaction giving you more bang for your buck – and your time.

Demonstrations available for you to see will include: 19th century toys, hearth cooking, blackpowder, primitive fire starting, blacksmithing, spinning and fiber arts. Contrary to how we would previously schedule tours where there was a set fee per person and then a demonstration fee per demonstration – there is now a flat $4 fee per person and your visit will include at least two of the listed demonstrations. Picking which demonstrations you see can be up to the group leader and we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

Now... I know that some of our long time, veteran teachers will be likely a bit worried over changing things up – after all… we’ve been doing this a long time! And if that’s the case, never fear – we will continue to offer our “standard” tours, which will operate on a rotating schedule if that’s what you would prefer. Just let us know when you schedule your visit if that is what you would like to do.

About the movie... I’ve been recommending to our teachers for the last couple years to watch the movie that we’ve traditionally shown in our auditorium here – at school. It saves us considerable time on site and gives us more time to work with your group out on our historic grounds. I will continue to recommend this but if you would rather watch the video here on site we can do that – but be cognizant of the time we spend inside watching the video is time we won’t be spending outside seeing the history first hand.

To schedule a group visit or tour, please contact our Education Department who will be happy to coordinate your visit.

Phone: 936.294.3153
Email: Nancy Gajan, Curator of Education

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