Koo Wes Koo We's Bread and Butter Molasses Pudding

8 slices stale bread cubed
1 cup seedless raisins
2 eggs
½ teaspoon salt
3 tblspoons molasses
3 teaspoons sugar
2 tblspoons butter
2 ½ cups milk
Cover the bottom of a well-buttered baking pan with all of the stale bread crumbs. Then stir in the raisins. Beat the eggs, salt, molasses and sugar together. Melt the butter in the scalded milk. Stir this into the egg mixture and blend thorougly. Pour over the stale bread cubes. Place the baking pan in another pan of hot water and bake in a moderate oven (350°) for one hour, or until the pudding is firm to the touch. This pudding should be served with whipped cream. It will feed 6 people.
     Koo Wes Koo We was the Indian name of John Ross, a Cherokee chiefborn in Georgia in 1790 who fought with Sam Houston at Horseshoe bend. He became principal chief of the Cherokee nation in 1828 and from the very beginning was an efficien champion of their rights agains the encroachments and cupidity of the white man. When the Civil War broke out, the Cherokees joined the Confederacy over the protests of Ross.

(This recipe is from The Early American Cookbook by Dr. Kristie Lynn & Robert W. Pelton, published by McCauley Publications. This book is available in our gift shop.)